Soldier for Life (U.S. Army) Sticker

Kennedy Space Center Sticker

50th Civil Engineer Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

10th Missile SQ The First In The Hole (U.S. Air Force) Sicker

756 Air Refueling Squadron AFRC (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

350 Civil Affairs Command 2 (U.S. Army) Sticker

314th Air Refueling Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

12 Engineer Battalion (U.S. Army) Sticker

313 Hospital Center (U.S. Army) Sticker

50th Armored Division (U.S. Army) Sticker

STS 40 Patch NASA Sticker

USCGC Frederick Hatch WPC 1143 (U.S. Coast Guard) Sticker

XXXIII Corps (U.S. Army) Sticker

Royal Grenada Police Force Sticker

Middle Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire Sticker

961 Engineer Battalion (U.S. Army) Sticker

325 Medical Support Squadron ACC (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

17 Infantry Division (U.S. Army) Sticker

244 Aviation Regiment (U.S. Army) Sticker

Flag of Toruń Poland Sticker

Flag of Federated States of Antarctica Sticker

Defense Contracting Command Washington (U.S. Army) Sticker

Flag of Segovia Spain Sticker

451 Sustainment Command 3 (U.S. Army) Sticker

Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland (1560-1565) Sticker

Flag of Lot et Garonne France Sticker

Air Force Civil Engineer Center (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

USS TORSK SS 423 (U.S. Navy) Sticker

914th Airlift Wing (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

Flag of Territoire de Belfort France Sticker

Flag of Luhansk Ukraine Sticker

691st Armament Systems Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

138 Fighter Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

914th Combat Communications Flight (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

96th Medical Support Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

121st Air Refueling Wing (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

23d Aerospace Medicine Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

396 Field Hospital (U.S. Army) Sticker

460th Comptroller Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

Flag of Albuquerque New Mexico USA Sticker

HSC 7 (U.S. Navy) Sticker

USN IOC Misawa NIOC 10th Fleet (U.S. Navy) Sticker

Flag of Chiang Mai Province Thailand Sticker

410th Hospital Center (U.S. Army) Sticker

Flag of Szczecin Poland Sticker

684th Armament Systems Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker

Flag of Tallinn Estonia Sticker

Flag of Malta Sticker

Flag of Irkutsk Oblast Russia Sticker

435th Supply Chain Operations Squadron (U.S. Air Force) Sticker